Bay and Bow Windows Chicago


If you are thinking about making a dramatic yet elegant upgrade to the curb appeal of your home bay and bow windows might be the right choice. Bays and bows windows are the only replacement windows that will maintain 100% of their value while increasing value of your home.

Bay and bow windows are excellent and creative options to open up your home. These types of windows protrude from the building, creating a focal point for any room. Both window types illuminate rooms with natural light beautifully and, when opened, capture the fresh air and pull it into your home. Windows can range in size and type, but generally have the following characteristics.

Bay Windows

Suburban Home With Brown Brick & Gray SidiingBay windows are series of windows that protrude out from the exterior wall. They consist of three panes. Usually, there is one large pane in the center and two narrower panes on either side. The window extends beyond the walls of a building, and actually creates more interior space rather than just the illusion of more space. These windows are a creative and playful way to enhance a room’s aesthetic. Views from different angles create a stunning feature for any room. Many times, the windows on either side of the central window are casement windows, meaning they open with a hinge on their side. Not only is this option fantastic to increase airflow within the room, but the ease of use of these windows is unparalleled.

Bow Windows

Bow windows, although similar in concept to bay windows, have more panes. Generally speaking, bow windows have four or five panes, but this number can be higher. The number of panes in a bow window are referenced as, for example, “four-lite” or “five-lite” bow windows. As opposed to bay windows, which have one large central window and two smaller adjacent windows, bow windows have several panes that are usually the same shape and size. The higher number of panes allows bow windows to create a more curved aesthetic—the more panes, the more curvature to the window. This opens the room up in a slightly different way. Bow windows let natural light in from several angles, making a room bright.

Whenever you are thinking about replacing an existing or adding new bay or bow window, you will increase your rate of success by working with the company that is working specifically as a windows installer, using their own in-house team specializing in window installation..

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