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Properly installed windows (with the right product) will guarantee you only need to do it once.

Window Installation ChicagoDefectively installed windows can cause degradation and eventually permanent damage to your home. The installation process is equally important to the type of widows that you choose. Going with the right window company should in fact guarantee the proper installation. So you should look for a company with proven skills, most likely a local window installer with a well-established business and reputation.

To insure overall success and safety of your window installation project, our installers go through a vigorous screening process including personal background checks and onsite inspections, to guarantee nothing but the highest quality installation of your new replacement windows.

All window installation projects will be assigned a project manager, who will oversee all of the major and minor details, so that you can stay focused on what is important to you.

At Supreme Windows you have the option available to customize your product as well as your installation. We can accommodate your needs as well as your budget.

What type of window installation is good for you?

Here are your options:

  • Standard pocket installation or insert installation
  • Standard installation adding stops
  • New construction installation or flange removal installation
  • Buck frame installation or Full frame removal installation

Standard pocket installation or insert installation

Pocket or insert installation is the most direct and easy way to install windows. 75% of installation can be done from exterior, which minimize dust and debris. One of the benefits of a pocket installation is you are able to keep your interior aesthetics, because you do not have to replace the trim.

Standard installation adding stops

This type of installation is necessary more often when you are changing the style of the window i.e. removing a casement and installing a double hung..

New construction installation or flange removal installation

This installation is necessary if you live in new construction home. Home built from 1990 to current will require a new construction installation. The benefit of this type of installation is the existing nailing flange will no longer be connected to the window, which allows the house to settle down altering the functionality of the window.

Buck frame installation or master frame installation

This installation is necessary mostly in older homes that are experiencing water and sun damage that has rotted the master frame. Termites also can be the cause of this. Full frame installation requires removal of entire existing window including the casings, frame and existing trim. One of the benefits is that we can maximize the amount of glass (which is usually lost with the replacement windows by doing what is called a stud to stud installation) and will allow you to better insulate around the window.

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We had to replace all of the windows in our townhouse, 22 windows in total. I had contacted another company, but didn't have a very good feeling about them. I turned to 'Yelp' for assistance and was directed to 'Supreme Windows and Exteriors'. What a blessing! From the moment I made the first phone call to Supreme, I was extremely impressed by their professionalism. The installation was done within a day and a half, which was quite a feat due to the extreme winds and cold weather. I felt at ease with every step of the process and would HIGHLY recommend this company to anyone who is in need of window replacement. I plan on using their services again for our other properties in the Chicagoland area. Thumbs up to Supreme! They truly deserve the recognition.

Matthew G., Chicago IL

AWESOME company to do business with!! Dan came out and gave me the best presentation ever on the difference between the windows I had, and the new windows that would be the best choice for my house.

Emma G., Chicago IL
Emma G, Chicago IL

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